Dangers of Using a Garden Hose to Clean Your Building

Exterior buildings get dirty over time as dirt, bugs and pests, mold, moisture, and other types of damage are left behind. It causes the exterior of the building to look less than impressive. While cleaning the building is fairly simple, you should be aware of the dangers of using a garden hose for such a project.

A garden hose contains about 60 psi of pressure, whereas the average pressure washer contains 240 psi of pressure. The garden hose simply doesn’t have the power to remove all of the dirt that is left on a building. It has a job of watering, not cleaning. Furthermore, the garden hose may not be able to sufficiently reach all areas of the building that needs to be cleaned. That is a problem solved when there is a pressure washer in use.

Using a garden hose to clean any building is useful to the environment and to your water bill. It is up to us all to do what we can to protect the environment and wasting water doesn’t help anyone whatsoever. Plus, tacking on costs to the utility bills doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re likely paying a steep amount already. You’ll Waste a lot of time and energy when a garden hose is used to clean the building.

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Don’t take these risks when it is time to clean your building. Whether it’s your home, office, warehouse, or other building, you can ensure that the property is cleaned through pressure washing near me jacksonville fl services. Pressure washing uses a low water, high pressure stream to quickly remove any dirt that is on your building. It is quick and efficient and can be used on any type of building material without worry of damaging it.

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